Eternal Dream - Beta server now running

Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:09 mmoraw
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Eternal Dream, a new fantasy themed browser based MMORPG, will be coming soon to AMZGame!

Complete with a unique storyline, amazing graphics, fascinating quests, and enjoyable social functions, players of all ages and experience can enjoy this fast-paced game from AMZGame, who also brought such memorable games as Tiny Mighty, Lords Road, Felspire, and more. This AMZGame exclusive is free to play (F2P).

Players start Eternal Dream by selecting a hero, Mage, Hunter, or Warrior, and creating a name. After that, the player enters the game, and is given the option to follow the quest line through either auto-pathing, or manual play.

Key Features:
Pets and Mounts to increase the power of your hero
Dark Portal, a fun way to gain exp and currency
Rest Mode, gain exp and energy while AFK
Dual-Class, gain more power and skills
Alchemy, click to increase your gold every 5 minutes, for free
Auction House
Guilds, with guild vs. guild challenges
Multiple PvE dungeon scenarios
Special holiday and sale events

Eternal Dream is currently in the Open Alpha testing phase, during which time players are encouraged to test out the various features and functions, while reporting any bugs or issues that may occur. Upon testing completion, the Alpha Server will be erased, and the Open Beta will open on 10/12/2015.

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 December 2015 20:18

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