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War Inc Battle Zone is a Third Person Shooter MMO game set in a world where Mercenary and Paramilitary Commando Units rule the day.

Some had said that 2012 wasn't the end of the world, but it damn near might as well have been. The global economic chaos that started in 2008 had run rampant for almost 4 years. National fortunes were squandered and lost. International trade turned into international hostility and deprivation. A number of Nations disintegrated into anarchy and civil war as all out conflict broke out between various Nations. International corporate powers emerged with in different countries, demanding controls and powers from spineless government officials and a bad situation simply got worse. Onto this stage of conflict and chaos there emerged a growing need for Mercenary Units and Paramilitary Command Units who could execute orders and carry out fast assignments for governments and corporations. In short this is the story of the game it is not impressing but neither too trivial.

The sizes of the maps will range from a smaller 8 player maps up to huge open world maps for up to 64 players in one game. The map spawn points will be scaled according to the maximum number of players selected for a given game. All so the game has fully customizable appearance, Customizable Weapons and a Skill Trees. But what surprised me was that these weren’t classes, just packages of items you are selecting.

Getting into the actual game itself, matchmaking and room finding is fairly easy it boasts a quick find and the standard browse and pick which is nice, making getting into a game fairly easy. On the team map you will see all the points on the map, which team has which points, and allows you to select where you want to spawn. I actually do like the running animation they gave it is a slightly blurred effect while running which does give you more of the impression that they’re moving faster, and not just power walking across the map. But while I do like the running, jumping in the game seems almost pointless. Actual fights are quite realistic and fun, maybe just the third-person perspective is too far, i mean i'd have preferred a more forthcoming and nearest character's perspective or better First-Person one.

In conclusion it is a game that looks good moves well and has a very interesting gameplay, there would not be something wrong if he had more game modes but i think that will be resolve to the following patches and upgrade.



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