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Card King Dragon Wars
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Card King : Dragon Wars is a Free-to-play, Trading Card battle Game (TCG), playable on any Android device.

In Card King : Dragon Wars , heroes from the world over have descended on the town of Dragardia to determine the true king of cards in a showdown of strength, spells and strategy. Players can collect and grow more than 100 unique creatures of different stats, skills, and rarities, including Dragons, Immortal Knights, and Elementals, to construct any number of ultra-powerful deck combinations. The path to victory is a harrowing ascent, and only those who customize and power-up their decks to survive against any odds will be rewarded with new loot and glory in battles against real opponents online. Card King: Dragon Wars features fully rendered 3D matches designed to deliver thrilling action in only a few minutes, making it a great fit for mobile devices.


Decide if you want the strength of a Warrior or the cunning Spellcraft of a Wizard as you choose your avatar to summon your magical creatures and lay down your battle cards. What unique strategies will you come up?


Hundreds of creatures come with Hundreds of Awesome Cards and abilities that make every battle new and unique. Power-up and transform as your creatures and cards become even more powerful as you customize your team to suit your battle style.


Play in matches against opponent Heroes or fight against other Card Kings as you make your way up the ladder to win loot, prizes and honor!


Epic 3D Card Battles where you Explore the magical wizard tower, dungeon depths and a town full of life and wonder where you enter magical stores and walk out with incredible collection of cards and creatures!

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