AdventureQuest 3D - MMO needs some Kickstartin

Friday, 27 November 2015 12:33 mmoraw
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Indie video game developer Artix Entertainment is turning to Kickstarter to raise funds for their new cross-platform MMO, AdventureQuest 3D.

AdventureQuest launched back in 2002 on, and exploded in popularity. The game that started as a simple web-based RPG has been in continuous operation since for thirteen years, adding free content releases to the game weekly. The fantasy based web RPG currently boasts a staggering 61 MILLION registered users. Recently, the indie game company expanded their roster by adding several mobile games to their line-up but now they're trying something ambitious and entirely new...

… A cross-platform re-imagining of the AdventureQuest universe. AdventureQuest 3D will allow you to log in to your account and play your character from smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and more... and it already works.

Kickstarter Link:

Picture this: You're playing AdventureQuest 3D, exploring the breathtaking 3D environments, learning about the rich world with more than a decade of lore behind it and fighting real-time battles against unspeakable evil... well, every game has done that before. But now imagine that you need help. With a few simple taps on your phone, you can send a text or email to your friend inviting them to join you on their PC. They click the link and there they are, right next to you in full armor ready to fight by your side.

I'm on my phone, you're on your computer... let's take down that dragon.

Artix Entertainment is an indie game developer in the truest sense of the term. They state proudly that they have never had an investor and all of their games have been built on the income from their players' generous support. Now they are going to attempt crowd-sourcing the funding for this ambitious new game.
Adam Bohn, (Artix of Artix Entertainment) CEO of the studio and Project Lead for AdventureQuest 3D explained why they are turning to Kickstarter: “We have been making games for a long time. We hope that by using Kickstarter, which has become a household term for gamers, we can reach out to our current players and also to people who enjoyed playing our games before. We hope to reignite those memories and nostalgia and remind them how much fun they had in our earlier games. We will also be able to reach out to new gamers who see and understand what we are trying to build. We believe in this game and we think that other people will too.”
The game is currently in Alpha testing and the company has generously opened testing to anyone who has ever upgraded in any of their web games at any point in their long history. The iOS and Android builds of the game are being developed alongside the PC version so each new content release is being tested on all of these platforms. They hope to use the funding from Kickstarter to (among other things) expand the game to other platforms like Steam and gaming consoles. They have even been working on Oculus Rift support.

Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing model so if the AdventureQuest 3D does not reach its funding goal, then they walk away empty handed. However, the relentlessly positive team believe that the close-knit gaming community which they have built will rally behind their battle cry and hope that others join in.

If all goes well with their fund-raising efforts, AdventureQuest 3D is slated for release in summer of 2016.

If you're interested in helping AdventureQuest 3D get off the ground, here is the link:

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