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Friday, 17 July 2009 00:00 mmoraw
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4Story is a Fantasy Role Playing MMO Game.

The mysterious world of Iberia is inflicted with deep wounds. For centuries a bitter war has been waging between the two nations of Valorian and Derion - a battle for supremacy of the continent and its history. It is your mission to unearth the hidden truths and reunite the kingdom.

Gameplay in 4Story is well-refined; simply use the standard WASD movement controls, then right-drag and slide the mouse to position the camera and use the left-click maneuver to attack. Though you can play mouse-only if desired (simply double-click where you want to go) you don't always have to, though you will occasionally need to (when working with NPCs, menus, dialogs, etc. When you're killed in battle you don't just lay there mortally wounded: instead, you show up completely separated from yourself (and by that I mean literally).

The game offers players a massive world to explore through quest driven progression. Earn a mount, learn new talents, and work your way up the ranks until you’re strong enough to particiapte in realm vs realm battles.



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