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Eternal Fate
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Eternal Fate is a Free multi-platform, Action RPG [Role Playing Game], focused on PVP.

Join the battle and hack and slash your way to fame and fortune in Eternal Fate , a free 3D multiplayer action RPG. Team up with your friends, collect hundreds of heroes, fight imposing bosses and help save the world from the invading evil that threatens it. The world of Eternal Fate is ever-changing, bringing new dungeons to explore, new enemies to defeat and new heroes to collect.

Eternal Fate allows you to create and customize your own characters. Unlike many competitive online games, your character is persistent and will level up as you gain experience. As you level up, you will unlock new spells, gear, and abilities so that your play style can be constantly evolving.

There is a near endless selection of gear and weapon combinations in Eternal Fate. You gain access to these weapons by leveling up or finding them in treasure chests during normal gameplay. As you play Eternal Fate you earn weapons, gear, armor, spells, skills and abilities that you can use to loadout your persistent character. In most RPGs equipping these items would usually dramatically increase your capabilities over lower level players. That’s not the case in Eternal Fate. In this way the weapons and items you earn are more like sidegrades. In Eternal Fate, players earn gear over time and can equip their characters with loadouts that will change potential damage and affordances by 5-10%. Essentially becoming paper to your opponent’s rock.

During gameplay you will receive loot drops when you eliminate an enemy or find a treasure chest. Additionally, you will find power-ups scattered across the levels that will help you turn the tide of battle. The art in eternal fate is inspired by classic console RPGs while still taking advantage of all the latest rendering tricks found on the PC and Mac. You'll discover peaceful islands, deserted deserts, and spooky graveyards as you battle with and against friends and foes.

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