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Elfender is a Browser Based tower defense MMO game, features PvP and PvE battle modes.

The main menu is just like a big tree, with its branches representing several parts, like store, blacksmith, chamber, etc. The game gives you two initial level-1 elf cards, and you’re ready to fight! During the fight, the food and sunshine values are two vital elements in the energy bar which you should always pay attention to. In order to win out, constant level-ups and skill-training are imperative because magic points are consumed by that. And there’s a cool-down between using skills, manage your skills and use them wisely is what you’ve got to do.

Players can summon various monsters and elves to fight against other gamers and NPCs. There are dozens of monsters and elves cards available. Players need to utilize the resources needed in summoning cards to outwit their rivals. Also, there will be a Talent System. Activating the skills under this system will grant players fighting perks. And the Dress-up System should be able to attract the attention of those who fancy fashionable attires.



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