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Uebergame is a Free and open source, casual, First Person Shooter [FPS]M ultiplayer Game.

In Uebergame , deathmatch is currently the only game-mode provided. After you started or joined a game you will be spawned into the level on a random location. Your goal is to kill the other players, each kill gives you 1 score and after the match the player with the highest score wins.

You start with an assault rifle with 30 shots and a pistol with 9 ammo loaded and 18 in inventory. Your rifle also has a grenade launcher but you need to switch to weapon, this will activate your grenade launcher, but you have to find ammo for it first. You have proximity mines, which stick to the ground or walls and detonate if someone comes close, you have to collect them first, since you do not start with any. Mines are a good way of getting extra kills if you place them properly and do not run into your own.

On the bottom left you have two bars, the green one is stamina which is reduced when you sprint and jump and refills when you are resting. The red one is your health, when you take damage your health is reduced, when it reaches zero, you die. It slowly refills by itself, but you also can collect medpacks. Medpacks give you 30 health and increases your refill rate for a while.

A truly free and open source multiplayer shooter, no hooks attached. Have casual deathmatch matches on various scenarios. Build your own levels with the ingame editor and assets that come with the game, or just play around and use it as a sandbox.


- Free

- Open source

- No pay to win

- No ads

- Modding friendly

- Easy to use ingame editor

- A big variety of levels and game-modes

- Fully transparent development process

- Community based, so everyone can make suggestions

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