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Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online
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Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online is a Tactical, Real-Time Strategy MMO Game [RTS] and is free-to-play [F2P], taking place aftermath a massive global war between the biggest superpowers on Earth.

Developed by Ubisoft Shanghai, Tom Clancy’s EndWar Online is a Tactical and Strategic MMO with cutting-edge browser technology. Set after the fall out of EndWar, players will lead a faction in the fight for control over what is left of the world’s resources. Players can engage in numerous single player missions or put their skills to the test in intense player vs. player battles for Earth’s remaining resources. Using advanced Flash-based technology, full 3D graphics can now be rendered directly in your browser, bringing the chaos and brutal splendor of the battlefield to life!

EndWar Online combines the depth of RTS games with the heroes and abilities variety of MOBA games into a revolutionary, action-packed strategy gameplay! Strategically allocate command points, master the combat chain, and combo unit abilities to vanquish your enemies.

Join the global power struggle for the last resources on Earth. Side with the mighty US Joint Strike Force, the high-tech European Enforcer Corps or the ruthless Russian Spetsnaz to conquer territories and help your Faction gain power. Unlock, recruit, and train hero commanders from 9 different unit classes, each with their own unique skills and attributes! With more than 80 commanders, you will have to battle overtime to train, to master, and to use them all to their full potential!

Rebuild your city by restoring the energy supply and by upgrading your troops so you can become the most powerful General!

Having limited resources means making tough choices for unit upgrades, which will result in repercussions on the battlefield. Level up your General and commanders through conquering territories and defeating other Generals, then use the precious loot you obtain to reinforce your soldiers! Research new weapons and technology for your units to give them an edge during battles.

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