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Soul of Blade
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Soul of Blade is a Free, 2D Action Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] playable on Android devices.

Soul of Blade - The immersive 2D Action RPG with engaging action, good-looking graphics now brings you a fantastic game play experience!

"An unique Action RPG which mixed perfectly the aspects of cuteness and action" "A simple yet attractive Action RPG to play with friends and to indulge in its world"

Monsters invade the world, slaughter everything in their paths. The innocents' cries never reach the officials of the evil empire, adding up to the ending of thousands lives in a world of ruins. Amidst those chaos, you can search for your heroes and go our own paths, to defeat the evil and save the world: A swordsman seeking power and justice, an innocent girl with innate martial arts, a genius mechanic kid finding an opponent for his robot, and a powerful magician looking for immortality.


- Amazing aerial combos that never had before

- Cute and sexy graphics in Manga & Anime styles

- Create and evolve your own beasts with active skills

- Superb World BOSS and Invasion BOSS

- Four different heroes with customized fashion and skills

- Make teams of 3 to beat anything

- Real-time intense PvP and championship

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