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World of Tanks
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World of Tanks is a team based Action MMO Game dedicated to armored warfare.

Throw yourself into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. Your arsenal includes more than 150 armored vehicles from America, Germany, and the Soviet Union, carefully detailed with historical accuracy.

You start with three light tanks in your 5 tank garage, three nationalities of tank to choose from Russian, American and German. Tanks are clustered into 5 types: light, medium, heavy, SPG (artillery that can indirect fire) and Tank Hunter with fixed gun.

Battles are 15 minutes long and if you get kiled early you can drop out without penalty apart from the fact you cant use that tank again until its over. As you start with three tanks this isn’t an issue.

Simulator. Authentic models and vehicle characteristics make you feel like a real tank commander taking part in a furious armored offensive. RPG. Your armored steed isn't just a tin can on tracks - it’s a living, evolving mechanism that should be treated accordingly. Research your available upgrades and modifications to enhance its performance on the battlefield. Action. Take part in joint operations to spot, track, and destroy enemy units and engage in head-to-head duels where your speed and reaction time is as important as in any co-op shooter. Strategy. There’s only one simple rule to follow - don't be a hero. Rally your comrades to devise a battle plan and assign roles.

So the basic battle type is a capture-enemy-base game, with a secondary win condition of wiping out the other team. Tanks are also graded by technology tiers, starting tanks are tier 1 which equates to interwar years for the 1920s to the 1930s.

The game is not a 100% simulator but there’s a sizeable amount of historical accuracy. Tanks feel like massive vehicles and environmental damage is satisfying, additionally it will be possible to upgrade individual parts such as turrets, chassis, engines, guns, radios, and ammunition types. In conclusion it's a specifically game, very fun, with gameplay led almost to perfection.






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