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Era of Empire
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Era of Empire is a Free to Play [F2P], Extremly complex City [Manager] Builder MMO Game, featuring multiple civilization like Greece Egypt and few more.

Era of Empire includes several ancient civilizations. You can learn about the development of these ancient civilizations, and discover their customs, cultures, and religions. You will feel as if you are part of the era and a pioneer in the ancient world as you build your very own empire. You can build cities, develop agriculture, discover industry and advance technology. You can trade with other cities, help defend your allies from their enemies and ultimately expand your territory to become emperor of the world.

It is important to know about the types of buildings in Era of Empire before you start to play. Buildings in Era of Empire fall into 10 categories: Residences, Agriculture, Industry, Merchants, Municipal and Security, Culture and Entertainment, Religious, Military, Decorations, and Great Monuments.

Residences allow you to increase the population of your city. Agricultural structures produce agricultural products for your citizens, or for you to sell to other players. Industrial buildings make industrial products for your citizens, or for you to sell to other players. Industrial type buildings create heavy pollution. They should not be built near Residences.

Merchant buildings sell agricultural and industrial products to your citizens to satisfy their daily demands. Municipal and Security buildings are for official work. Cultural buildings can increase the education level of citizens who live in nearby high-quality Residences. Don't doubt the effect of these buildings.

Military buildings are used to train soldiers. The types of available soldiers differ between civilizations. Decorations can improve the environment of your city. They are favored by the rich in high quality Residences. World Wonders represent the historical essence of a culture. They are unique to a civilization, and not every culture has had the greatness to build them.

It's not easy to manage a city. If there are no buildings to manage security issue - such as fire bureaus, hospitals, Watch Halls and repair stations - near other buildings in the city, they may collapse crisis, fire risk, health problem and security problem. When these problems show up, if they can't be solved immediately, then the buildings will turn into ruins and can only be demolished.

When a city completes a Palace, it represents the coming of the sovereignty era. Players can then join Guilds and fight with Guild members. A city without sovereignty cannot start or participate in a war. Neutral cities can train soldiers, but can't start wars. They cannot be attacked by other players. To attack you must leave Neutral state, which can be done in the Military Management interface, but this will require certain items. These items can be purchased in the Items Box. Train soldiers. When you have enough military power you can begin to colonize. Occupy resource domains to get more resources. Occupy other players' cities and you can collect a percentage of their taxes.

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