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Metal Reaper Online
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Metal Reaper Online is a Top-Down Free to Play [F2P] Shooter MMO Game ,taking place in a post apocalyptic background and merging military shooting contents and MMORPG.

Metal Reaper Online is based on gun shooting battle's MMORPG. With post apocalyptic background, merging military shooting contents and MMORPG to give various contents and better accessibility. Game material and control are very similar with FPS, and serve comfortable contents.


4 different playable military branches

- Former RPG's job. Each branch has it's own unique skill and weapon to use

Use gun to hunt down various type of enemies

- 8 kind of weapon types to defeat enemies!

Character appearance will changes belongs to your character equipment

- Equip 120+ kind of armor to upgrade yourself

Lots of map and quests

- 85+ maps to explore and 1300+ quests to do

PvP and PvE Contents

- Currently 3 kind of PvP mode is available

- 20+ Missions(former dungeon) and Zombie Annihilation contents

Immersive in-game storyline

A gun shooting MMORPG with full of actions, It's a MMORPG that there was nothing like this before. A great balanced of an extreme fun with a gun shooting and leveling your character.

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