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Tribal Trouble 2
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Tribal Trouble 2 is a 3D Browser based RTS MMO Game that takes place in age of the Vikings.

The game takes place in the zany age of the Vikings, you are the Chief of a Viking tribe and are responsible for making a name for yourself by conquest and skill (kills).

The visuals in this game are rather surprising, they're not necessarily the best, up close, but the game offers the chance to zoom extremely far out, encompassing the entire island battlefield in your field of view. Every minuscule detail was added to the scenic European landscape. The ocean waves roll, leaves blow in the wind, and the grass even seems to grow in the virtual land.

The game begins on the island with your troop of either the drunken Vikings or crazy natives. You click on your people and the right sidebar will appear to start building your quarters, armory and tower. You can scroll through the sidebar for all your needs and resources. At this point you can create your peons to do the grunt work of gathering wood, rocks, iron and tropical chicken. For some reason these magical chickens make great weapons. When you shoot them into a crowd, they ricochet off your target killing more people. Rock weapons are not as effective as the iron ones, but they are produced faster. Later peons can be assigned to gather resources solely so the arsenal will be kept up continuously. After the weapons are made, you can send your troops into battle. This is when the game really picks up. The deployment of some or all of your army is up to you.

All battles are performed by positioning your troops and selecting the desired targets. There are two general types of missions: Death Match and Capture the Treasure. In a Death Match you need to destroy all the units of the opposing side(s).And in Capture the Treasure you must control the treasure for a certain period of time.

This is ultimately a title that will certainly fill up a few hours of your time if you're bored, but unless more single player content is added or you get very involved in multiplayer battles, it may not keep you occupied for very long. There is a multiplayer component but it's not yet very popular; among resident players you may be hard pressed to find a game so making new friends or inviting current ones to play against would be a good idea. As this is a web based game, the lack of a client to download should make it much easier to invite friends to play against you.

Tribal Trouble 2 is a great and fun game for players who are interested in real-time strategy (RTS) gaming.



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