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Windglory is a Browser-Based Free to Play [F2P], Role Playing MMO Game featuring an original sky battle system and rich story line.

Windglory - the 'world's first sky fighting' web game. Original sky battle system and rich story line. Dragons and demons dominate the skies and roam the earth again , human, elves and flying creatures united against the common foe to avoid being enslaved! Players will face Demons and Dragons alongside Lillith, a Griffin who escape from Dragon's claws. Lillith fights for love and her kind, players will fight for their world.

You have an urge to fight? Do you want to be known as the strongest Hero in all the land? If that's the case, join the Arena! How to enter the Arena: Arena will open after you clear Outskirts (I) in the first map. Click the arena button at the top of the page. Then you can click the icon of other players to challenge them. No matter you win or fail, you can get Gold, Honor Crystals and Prestige. Of course, winner can get more. What's more, you can get ranking rewards at 22:00 (Server time) every 3 days.

Team Arena in Windglory : Multi-Arena will open after you clear Relic Cavern (III) in the third map. In the Multiplayer Arena, you can form a team with other one or two players and fight a 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 battle! The winner team can get Arena Medal x 3 and Prestige x 100.The failing team can get Arena Medal x 1 and Prestige x 50.You can exchange Arena Medal for different kind of items in Arena Shop. You will start at the bottom of the Arena and keep fighting and upgrading to reach the Top1 !

Arena Shop: Arena Shop will open after you clear Relic Cavern (III) in the third map. The higher title you are,the more itmes you can buy in Arena Shop.The title depens on how many prestige you got from solo Arena.

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