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Rodinia War
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Rodinia War is a Free to Play [F2P], MMORPG [Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game] blend with Real Time Strategy [RTS] Game elements.

Rodinia War is a unique combination of 2D strategy gameplay and 3D action within one seamless MMORPG, playable for free either in the browser or as a download client. Players found their hometown and build mighty empires by forging alliances or conquering their enemies’ cities. However, gamers not only rest in their castle to watch the war from the sidelines but support their efforts within the strategy part by completing missions and fighting enemies in a huge, open 3D world with their knights. Attracting and developing heroes of one of five knight classes is a key element of the game. Experienced knights will also be useful for the players’ kingdom, as generals in wartime or governors in peace.

And the best thing: If you are missing the necessary resources to upgrade your barracks to level 20 just grab your sword in the beautifully designed 3D part to complete quests and explore the breathtaking world of Rodinia – just do whatever you’re in the mood for.

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