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Hellgate is a Action Role Playing MMO Game.

What would happen if you took all the loot lust from Diablo and fit it into a first-person shooter? , Hellgate is born. The gates of Hell have opened in the middle of London, unleashing legions of demons upon the unsuspecting populace, this is largely the story of the game nothing extraordinary, but I think that is enough.

Hellgate is not what most gamers typically consider an MMO, although it does meet all of the criteria. It’s Massive, Multiplayer (even though you can choose the solo play feature) and it’s Online (or not if you choose solo play). Battles are intense and fast you can play even from a FPS (Shooter) perspective.

For those who are fans of the way Diablo played, you will love Hellgate. Playing Hellgate certainly felt a lot like playing Diablo. There are many familiar aspects that former Diablo players will recognize immediately. Your inventory is graphed out for you, with certain items taking up more room than others. Fortunately, many necessary items stack (such as health injectors and teleport devices). In addition to your personal inventory, you do have a bank of sorts to store higher level and upgrade items for later usage.

It is very good that they have released free to play around and definitely worth trying out and played especially for Veterans players of Diablo game.


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