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Ascend Hand of Kul [STEAM]
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Ascend Hand of Kul is a Free to Play [F2P], Action Role-Playing MMO Game.

Ascend Hand of Kul is an innovative Action RPG where you'll enjoy a robust single-player experience connected with other players all over the world. Wage war for your God as a brutal Caos warrior on a unique journey to Ascension. Destroy the spawn of the Titan, invade other players' parallel worlds, and tip the balance in the crusade between the alliances.

Wage war as a brutal Caos Warrior. As you crush your enemies, other players will kneel before your rule. While the most fearsome warriors wield the strongest blades, weapons alone will not sway the tide of battle. Some enemies will not fall unless assaulted with the power of magic. Learn to cast spells unique to your God - or prepare to fail and suffer the consequences. The greater your success in battle, the closer to Ascension and the powerful emblems you'll receive for use in battle by all your future Caos Warriors. Variety is the spice of battle! Your combat style must vary based on the size of the combatants: Tactics that will take down enemies smaller than you will not be as effective against massive creatures much larger than you.

SEAMLESS SINGLE AND MULTIPLAYER GAMEPLAY - As you journey through Ascend, the spirits of other Caos Warriors battle in parallel worlds on the same journey. Directly impact their world with Crusade Spells... and they can impact yours. Ascend your warrior to engage in the ultimate Crusade, crossing over to battle in other worlds.

The Ultimate Sacrifice - Offer up your Caos to your God to create an Ascended Champion, and then create one anew to continue your quest. With each new Caos you create, you can choose to pledge your allegiance to the same God to become more powerful in that alignment’s specialties, or choose to follow a different God, in order to succeed in battle against other alignments using their own weapons and spells!

Ascended Champions - Your Ascended Champions will fight on your behalf in the Crusade while they uphold the will of their sworn God. Beware as you explore the world, however, for vengeful Gods will send rival Champions to impede your progress. Your Ascended Champions will be sent into other parallel worlds to assist your friends and slaughter your enemies. The experience you gain from waging war fuels your progress toward Ascension. Convert as much of the world as you can and defeat any threat you encounter to increase your value when you Ascend.

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