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Tiny Mighty
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Tiny Mighty is a Free to Play [F2P], captivating side-scrolling Action Game centralized around superheroes.

Tiny Mighty is the Brand-New RPG game that lets you play as a commander like never before. To protect the peace of the world, you must lead, summon and even hire other players’ hero, to create an unstoppable team and fight with the enemies. Meanwhile in this world, it has Mysterious Fairyland, Energy Treasure, Endless Trial and deadly World Boss, which wait for your exploration and challenge. In Tiny Mighty, the biggest feature is that you can collect 45 heroes and create different team with different heroes. According to the type, heroes divide into Strength heroes, Intelligence heroes and Dexterity heroes; While based on positions, heroes divide into front heroes, middle heroes and back heroes.

There are 2 ways to summon heroes:

1. Summon heroes directly, draw in 084 or get from other rewards

2. Collect enough energy crystals in the game and summon heroes.

The more heroes you collected, the more avatars and images you can use!

Remember, you can only dispatch 5 heroes in each battle. You must know heroes very well (such as heroes’ positions, skills and so on), and try to use your brain to select the most proper heroes when you fight with others. Because heroes have their own abilities and play various important roles in the team. There is no best hero, only the best team, this is the key to success!

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