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Zentia is a Role Playing MMO Game with humorous atmosphere and colored animated graphics.

The story is: after recovering from the godly battle, Supremor saw that the mortal plane was still a mess and Mortalor was nowhere to be found. Supremor was not pleased. The arrival of Mortalor’s 22 chosen was the icing on the cake. Enraged, he revoked their immortal status and told them in no uncertain terms that unless they cleaned up every single Demon dropping, there would be no access to immortality, no hope for the future of humanity, and no dessert before bedtime. Thus begins the trials and adventures of twenty-two everyday heroes, chosen by the Immortal Lords to save mankind’s butts from the threat of lots and lots of ornery Demon weasels and other nasty things.

You begin on a small island that has a few monsters and a few NPCs that will give you very simple quests that will help you learn the controls and overall feel of how the game works. This 5 minute area is basically your tutorial. After you finish up the quests there, you are carried to a small village that serves as your starting area. The game has a very comical art style and an overall humorous tone to the story and quests. There are two factions you can choose from when starting a new game, players will step into the shoes of one of 22 former immortals who are tasked with fixing the mortal realm.

Killing monsters in battle doesn’t give too much experience, more exp. is gained primarily through questing. Luckily, leveling up is actually fast and easy in Zentia. The quests are for the most part, simple and quick. They usually don’t require too many kills or items to collect.

All in all, Zentia is a game that is a nice distraction for the casual MMO player.



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