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Rising Thunder
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Rising Thunder is a Free to play [F2P], PVP [Player Versus Player] Fighting, Multiplayer Brawler Game.

The fighting game want to have a very easy learning curve [just want to :)], with an emphasis on strategy instead of button mashing and memorising combos, unlike other fighting games, Rising Thunder disregards complex multiple button combos by giving the characters single-button special moves. Strategy will be an integral part of the gameplay as players will have to learn to read their opponents' movements.

The game is still in the early stages of development and that the team is "still rapidly improving the game, adding new content and optimising the game’s performance." Therefore, players could experience some bugs and issues when playing the game but you can play it like it was launced already.

The fighting game was first announced at EVO 2015, which is a gaming tournament that is held annually in Las Vegas and pits players in several fighting games. Rising Thunder was designed by Seth Killian, an experienced designer who worked with both Capcom and Sony before. Aside from Killian, Tom and Tony Cannon, co-founders of EVO tournament, are also working on developing “Rising Thunder.” They are also responsible for Good Game Peace Out, which provides almost lagless battles for online arcade titles.

Rising Thunder will be launched as a free-to-play game - however, players will be given the option to purchase cosmetic upgrades for their favourite robot fighters using real money. The good news is that the purchasable items have no effect on the stats of each fighter.

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