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Tropicalla is a Free-to-Play Browser Based [BB], Tropical island management, Multiplayer Online Game.

Tropicalla is a colorful exotic cocktail of a game, a vibrant blend of strategy, city builder and virtual farm. Positive spirit serves as a basic ingredient in this mixture providing Tropicalla with distinct taste of summer and instantly casting away cloudy emotions. The game’s premise involves a crash landing of a passenger aircraft. There are a few factors to prevent this unfortunate accident from falling into really tragic curve. First of all, the plane could have sunken in North Sea, but it fell in warm tropical waters instead. Secondly, the landing was no feather pillow, but everyone did make it. Thirdly, there was a manager on board! Of what good can a white collar be when it comes to survival in the wilderness?

But who if not him will make a self-sustaining settlement out of feral beach? Who can build an amusement park utilizing only what Mother Nature has in store and make some money on the way? Who is capable of optimizing limited human resources to deter aggressive indigenes and fight natural calamities? All of that fits perfectly into a player’s job description here in Tropicalla.

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