Lords Road - Legendary Goddess, Diana with New Game Update

Saturday, 01 August 2015 17:49 mmoraw
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AMZGame will be updating Lords Road to improve the gaming experience for all players and also introducing Legendary Goddess: Diana to players.

Below are some of the items that will be included in the game update:

New Legendary Goddess: Diana.

  1. Add new 0 Diamond Gift Pack and 1 Diamond Pack
  2. Buff Goddess Skills that will be added
    Nemesis: Increase DEF reduce to 50% from 20%
    Victoria: Increase 100% damage to 300% from 200%
    Chione: Decrease 5s CD to 5 seconds from 10 seconds
    Athena: Increase 1s skill last time to 3 seconds from 2 seconds
    Venus: Instantly restore hero HP (1% of heroes Maximum HP + 120% of goddess ATK)
   3. New Event: Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw Event Time: 07/29/2105 - 08/02/2015
Rules: Each draw costs 100 diamonds and players can get 1 point. Players who get more than 20 points and gain rank will get rank rewards.
Draw Rewards: Legendary Goddess Pieces, Wing Spirit, Pet Food, Wing Soul, Mount Jewel and Feathers.

Rank Rewards:
No.1: Lvl.8 Jewel Chest x1, Enchant Jewel x100, 99 Rose x2, Gold x2,000,000
No.2: Lvl.7 Jewel Chest x1, Enchant Jewel x80, 99 Rose x1, Gold x1,000,000
No.3: Lvl.6 Jewel Chest x2, Enchant Jewel x50, 9 Rose x5, Gold x500,000. No.4 - No.10: Lvl.6 Jewel Chest x1, Enchant Jewel x30, 9 Rose x3, Gold x250,000
No.11 - No.50: Lvl.5 Jewel Chest x1, Enchant Jewel x20, 9 Rose x1, Gold x200,000
No.51 - No.100: Lvl.4 Jewel Chest x1, Enchant Jewel x10, 9 Rose x1, Gold x100,000

More information for Lords Road can be found on the official site at Official Site: http://lordsroad.amzgame.com/ . Players can visit the Official Forums at http://forum.amzgame.com/forumdisplay.php?27-Lord-s-Road or Like us on Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/LordsRoad.AMZ

About AMZGame: - AMZGame is a global game publisher that delivers microtransation-based, free-to-play browser game forward-looking and video center around the world. AMZGame now has several popular games such as LEAGUE OF ANGELS, SIEGE LORD and LORDS ROAD. AMZGame Team manages marketing, PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, and event design/implementation. AMZGame is also a platform to gather players all around the world.to share the game experience, show yourselves and enjoy the game enjoy the life. More details please visit http://www.amzgame.com/

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