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Badland Bandits
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Badland Bandits is a Free to Play , Fantasy Machines Shooter MMO Game taking place in an steampunk universe.

Badland Bandits - it’s the first time developers have taken a risk to combine magical fantasy style and pragmatic steampunk. Players try the role of merciless warriors who destroy enemies using armored wheeled monsters. Each machine is a result of ingenious military engineering. In addition to tens of weapon and armor types all the machines are equipped with exclusive bonus modules. Battles full of adrenaline take place on earth and in the air, under the blinding sun and in bitter frost. Interactive maps and well-detailed physics considering landscapes and peculiarities of all mechanisms supplement rich gameplay.

Badland Bandits is a universe of steampunk, where pilots of deadly machines put resources before human lives. Get behind the wheel of most diverse machines, install unique modules and destroy enemies on earth and in the air improving your skills in each battle.

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