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SkyRama is a Free-to-play, Airport Management, Multiplayer Browser-Based Game.

In SkyRama , which was co-developed with the Austrian-based game development studio Sproing, users can carry out a number of different airport-related tasks. Starting out with only a runway, players must quickly expand their airport to fulfill the wishes of traveling passengers and international cargo carriers. And to ensure smooth airport operations, they must also see to it that every airport employee, from baggage handler to air-traffic controller and pilot, pulls their weight and does their job. Punctual takeoff and landing of planes will earn players money as well as special bonuses, which they can then invest in their airport to build new buildings such as larger hangars or hotels. Cooperation among users plays an important role in SkyRama: Via the buddy list, players can coordinate flight plans and send flights to each other’s airports, thereby opening up new travel destinations as well as increasing airport productivity through mutual agreements.

With its user-friendly interface and direct start in the game, gamers don’t need a pilot’s license to quickly create their own airport. New daily goals, a variety of items, buildings and 15 various airplanes combined with many different features ensure an amazing time for all. SkyRama’s diverse gameplay merged with visually devent graphics and an entertaining story make sure it’s fun to play for short burst of time, maybe for longer time if you are really an airplane enthusiast.

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