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Epic Cards Battle [TCG]
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Epic Cards Battle is a Free-to-play, Online Strategy, Trading Card Game [TCG] available for iOS, Android and on Steam, featuring 3 kinds of card types: Unit, Spell, Trigger.

Just abandon other brainless card games and play the real strategic cards game Epic Cards Battle , 3 kinds of card types: Unit, Spell, Trigger. Next-Generation Revolutionary cards battle game in 3D with hundreds of stunning battle visual effects. Experience real-time match making and battle with players around the world.

Strategic Gameplay - Each card in game is unique and designed to have its strength and weakness. Rarer cards don't mean they are better but only gives player more options to choose. Attack target: All cards select their attacking targets wisely on battleground. Either targeting Weak, Threaten units or deal area damage. It's the summoner's (player) job on how to arrange their cards in a deck. Each Unit card has attack type and armor type. e.g. For example, Magic against Heavy armor deals 150% damage. Pierce against Light armor deals 75%. There is also armor level factor taking into consideration. Spell and Trap cards that are strategic options to help you conquer enemies. Spell has no hit points but with different effects. Trap cards are powerful but only activates if certain condition is met. Selecting correct trap(s) will make a huge difference in battle. Though each card has its comprehensive properties, the battle is played in team strategy. (deck) Choosing the right cards into a deck, they will be much more efficient fighting. Each card has its cooldown time. Some are quick, some are slow. It’s an important factor to take consideration, you want go for a rush or defense play, it’s up to you. Most importantly, every card has its unique ability. Understanding each card's ability, place them in efficient use is what pro players do all the time. There are different factions in game. Faction property will play a part in faction bonus and resections. It is also a factor in many cards’ abilities. Except for Quick Mode for beginners. There are also Pro Mode and Hardcore modes in game that allow players to take action in real time against opponents. Player will know what cards or decks opponent choose and make their move based on it. There is no single powerful card and unbeatable deck in game. Build the correct deck to win another is the key in this game. When you matched players you played several times before. You know his cards and way of playing, it will become psychological warfare.

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