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Friday, 10 July 2015 21:03 mmoraw
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Deadbreed is a Free to play MOBA [Multiplayer Online Battle Arena] Game with RPG features.

Deadbreed will appeal to gamers that want a deep, hardcore gaming experience and greater influence on how their character looks but more importantly plays. The hero customization factor is a major strategic and tactical game play element as you’ll figure out what equipment and play style/s work best for each of your heroes as what you equip not only change the way your hero looks, it also affect the way it plays. Deadbreed, a darker hardcore MOBA with unprecedented hero customizability and RPG gameplay features.

- Tactical 3vs3 battles online versus players or AI combatants.

- Choose your hero from a wide range of night-, half- and daybreed. Each hero has its own unique set of special abilities and plays differently depending on the way you equip them!

- Heroes level up with matches – Earn experience to rank up the heroes you favor.

- Artifact Items level up and wear down with matches – Earn experience to unlock upgrades and crafting relic slots for your artifacts.

- Summon totem creatures to aid you in battle.

- A team chosen Sentinel becomes the endgame bossfight challenge. The outcome of each match change your status with the Sentinels and affect their power.

- Maps have customizable options like Dungeons, side- and PvP-Quests.

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