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Nords Heroes of the North is a Free to play , Strategy with RPG features MMO Game that draws its inspiration from age old tales of Norse mythology like Thor and Odin.

Nords Heroes of the North is set in the fantasy world of Shingard where players lead an army of Elves, Dragons, Northmen and Orcs who have set aside their differences to defend their land against an evil Ice Queen and her swarm of the undead as they aim to conquer the world. Nords Heroes of the North features good looking 3D battle animation and all-new RPG features. Plarium has enlisted top-tier professional voiceover talent, including Patrick Warburton (known for his role as Joe Swanson in “Family Guy”), and legendary voice actor Jason Canning as Skald the Bard to bring the humor, high adventure and irreverence that Nords will be offering players worldwide.

There are three primary Resources in Nords that you'll need to survive - Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale! These can all be found within your Stronghold, but you'll have to cultivate them by building Fisherman's Huts, Mushroom Patches and Breweries, and build Storehouses and Alehouses so nothing goes to waste. As your Stronghold grows, you might find you need even more supplies. You can accomplish this by constructing special buildings to boost production - or there's always the option of raiding and your rival Lord Marshals' Strongholds... just be sure your army is strong enough to emerge victorious.

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