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CABAL 2 is a Fee to play, Role-Playing MMO [Massively Multiplayer Online] Game [MMORPG] powered by CryEngine 3 graphics.

CABAL 2 is the sequel of CABAL Online, which hosts 28 million users playing from 60+ countries across the world. The Korean language version was released in December of 2012 and it is currently being optimized for release in the North American and European markets. Its intuitive and accessible game system is welcome for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike. CABAL 2 features an expansive world to explore, vivid action-packed combat and brilliant graphics powered by Cry Engine 3.

CABAL 2 features combat that is fluid and skill-based, but also offers all the depth and strategy players would expect from a genuine MMO experience. Designed by passionate MMO gamers for fans of the genre, the game’s fast-paced combat and focus on role-playing game (RPG) elements harken back to classic MMOs. Continuous Skills system begins with using initial skill that activates the system, then the next skill to be used pops up as skill icon. When the next skill is used before the icon disappears, skills continue in flow. All damage skills can be used to build up combos that will increas your damage by a set amount the longer the combo is maintained. They require precise timing and coordination to execute. Finish Blow activates when some of the boss monsters become 'groggy' during the battle. When the boss mob is in groggy status, finish blow activates. Players can use 'Finish Blow' skill with astonishing graphic by entering the Finish Blow Key. During party play, a player is selected randomly for Finish blower. If the user fails to enter the key, party members have to defeat the monster normally.

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