Devilian - in North America and Europe later this year

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 19:40 mmoraw
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Devilian , an ARPG [Action Role Playing Game] MMO set in a massive, persistent world torn apart by demonic warfare. A place where everyone can be a little bad and to succeed you must master the evil within.

What makes Devilian so great ? Simply put, this is the ARPG-MMO that we ourselves [Producer Andrew “Drewcifer” Sipotz] want to play. Imagine all the features your dream ARPG has: Devilian has them. Offering massive 20 vs. 20 PvP battlegrounds, thrilling open-world contested bosses, and guild alliances and wars, this really is the ARPG-MMO we (and you!) have been wanting. I’m [Producer Andrew “Drewcifer” Sipotz] extremely proud to announce our newest partnership with developer Bluehole Ginno Games to bring Devilian to our players in North America and Europe. Since early this year, we’ve logged hundreds of hours and have just begun to unearth all the ways you can grow your character. I’m looking forward to exploring more of the game with you.

Right now our priority is to finish localization and get you into Alpha and Beta. Localization is an intense process for large games like this and I’m happy to say Devilian will be available in English, French, and German before launch. Once Alpha begins, we’ll be focused on getting to know you: your feedback is going to shape the future of Devilian.

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