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Age of Titans 2015
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Age of Titans is a 3D Free to play [MMORPG] Role-Playing MMO Game taking place in a beautiful world of the Titans in 3D high definition.

Age of Titans , an RPG [Role Playing Game] inspired by the ancient myths of several early civilizations, transports players to a perilous world packed with stunning 3D graphics, edge-of-your-seat storytelling, and pulse-pounding combat. Heed your calling as a Human, Elf, Valkyrie or Berserker to rescue the Chaos Continent from the wrath of the evil Titan Erebus. With the gods of old on your side, you must fight to protect the future of ancient civilizations, including Greek, Egyptian, Nordic, Chinese, and Aztecs, from total destruction.

Explore dungeons, Battle Bosses, Collect loot - crawl through dangerous dungeons and challenge tough, hellish bosses! Team up with friends or go solo to take down the Bosses and grab lots of shiny loot.

Explore ancient civilizations and embark on a journey of discovery - learn about various ancient civilizations and explore their buildings, beliefs, and way of life! Embark on the cultural journey of your life now.

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