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Magerealm is a Browser Based [BB], Free to play Role-Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] featuring countless heroes and angels at your disposal.

Magerealm is the ultimate fantasy ARPG [Action Role Playing Game], the game is a perfect combination of immersive Role-Playing and intense action, placing the player in a vibrant world filled with adventure and peril while remaining true to the fundamentals of great RPG's: highly customizable characters, skills, and much more! Strategy plays a role in your effectiveness in battle, and every choice you make can determine victory or defeat. The world of Magerealm provides infinite possibilities; how you shape your legacy is entirely up to you.

In Magerealm you will find an assortment of Heroes of all shapes and sizes. These heroes will act as your right-hand man so pick carefully which hero best matches your class. Heroes are divided into 3 types: - Warrior - Typically melee, high HP with defensive abilities, and some offense, - Assassin - High attack and/or crit value, able to quickly deal great damage, - Support - Able to provide HP recovery and typical have control skills.

Heroes are obtained from the Tavern. Here you will find two options: Basic Draw and Drawx10. Basic draw costs gold to draw 1 card that can reward a random Hero or materials. You receive 3 free Basic draws each day, with a 10-minute cooldown between free draws. Drawx10 costs Diamonds to draw 10 cards, with one of them guaranteed to be a Legendary Hero. Heroes play an important role in combat alongside your character. Assign a Hero in the Hero menu and they will follow you into battle. Heroes automatically fight and cannot be controlled. They will become incapacitated when if HP reaches 0. Once you reach level 40 and 50, you can unlock Hero substitution slots. When your primary Hero dies in battle, the Heroes in the sub slots will replace that Hero until the end of the dungeon.

In your journey across Magerealm, you will encounter both the Light and Dark Angel. When the player reaches a certain level, they will be able to activate the Statue of Light and Dark Angel and be able to obtain their own Angel. Your Angel will follow your character, but they do not participate in combat. Their greatest asset is the powerful buffs they provide, such as increasing your max HP, attack, or defense. Angels will greatly improve your fighting capabilities. Each Angel also has 9 runes to give additional bonuses, but only 4 may be active at one time so choose wisely which will benefit your class the most.

No matter your preferences, you are an RPG aficionado or career PvP player, Magerealm provides multiple avenues for players to shine. The epic story campaign offers a classic dungeon crawl, while additional game modes such as defend-style events and epic World Bosses bring together a robust PvE experience. If you have a thirst that can't be quenched by hacking monsters, the fiercely competitive Arena, Ladder, and Raiders gameplay modes are available to those who seek challenges on a more human level.

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