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Eden Eternal
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Eden Eternal is an anime‐style Role Playing MMO Game.

When you start the game, you are greeted with a cinematic, being that you are in a place far far away and there is a lot of conflict. Essentially you lose your memory and so starts your adventure.

In Eden Eternal, players are not limited to one class per character. Start as a Warrior or Magician, then freely swap between classes as you unlock them. Progress through Eden and you'll discover a total of 12 playable classes from the nimble Thief to the mystical Shaman. Currently players can adventure in Eden as Human, but more playable races are coming soon. Instead of having to level up separate characters once you reach a level cap you can continue to play the same character, but focus on another class, this will give players a lot more to do in the game.

You may not be able to tell from the screenshots, but you will learn very quickly how fast paced the combat in Eden Eternal really is. Feel like a mighty warrior as you battle multiple enemies at once.

The thing about the combat with Eden Eternal is that every skill has a certain lag. A lag they put on there on purpose I would imagine. When you click a skill, you can visibly see the global cooldown trigger. That's fine. But when you click the skill-- it takes perhaps 50ms to use the skill. It takes about 100ms overall (meaning 50 ms difference). It's weird in the way that it functions but it works.

Eden Eternal its a fairly good game.


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