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World of Tanks Generals
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World of Tanks Generals is a Free to play , MMO Collectible Card Game [CCG], focused on tank combat and playable on any Browser [Browser Based].

World of Tanks Generals offers a PvP mode and PvE training battles, allowing players to master the game’s basics, build a number of decks, tailor strategies and unlock the cards that suit their playstyle.

The game have over 200 unique cards split between three factions the USA, Germany and the USSR and divided into several types. With an army of cards and a host of strategies available, every battle is an intense skirmish of sudden strikes, tactical trickery and dynamic dueling where you must adapt to survive. You can buy these cards normally, following the usual rules. Also, mercenary cards can be “rented” for in-game money. Players can pay gold (or credits at the exchange rate) to add the allowed number of mercenary cards to a certain deck without researching those with experience points or purchasing them for credits. Mercenaries can be hired for 1, 24 or 72 hours, and can be added to a deck only during the lease time [meaning the game is pay to win and with no fair fights unless you pay real money to make it fair just like all Wargaming games are].

World of Tanks Generals feature a research system for unlocking new technology and unit cards that is similar to other Wargaming titles. This provides an easy-to-understand system for players of all skill levels. The single ID account will give you instant access to other game titles.

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