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Red Crucible Firestorm
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Red Crucible [Firestorm] is a Free to Play FPS [First Person Shooter] MMO Game, a Shooter where you can use advanced weapons and vehicles to dominate the battlefield.

Red Crucible Firestorm is an intense first person shooter with vehicle and air combat. Compete with friends or players from around the globe using some of the world’s deadliest modern weapons and vehicles. Play with up to 20 players in several unique environments designed for both infantry and vehicle combat.

Red Crucible Firestorm includes:

- Both Infantry & Vehicle Combat including Tanks, Helicopters, Jets and more

- Vast Character Customization

- First Person & 3rd Person Game Play

- 6 Engaging Game Modes

- Over 200 Weapons!!!

- More than 15 Consumables including Airstikes, Molotovs, Claymore's, Miniguns, and Boosts.


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