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Echo of Soul
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Echo of Soul is a Free to Play Role-Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] featuring stunning female character nudity.

Echo of Soul immerses players in its stunning environment, with rich visuals and a vast and detailed landscape. Echo of Soul offers MMO fans countless ways to play,including 60 party and solo dungeons, several highly competitive PvP modes, and over 1,600 quests. Five character classes with over 60 skills each allow gamers to deeply customize their gameplay experience. Players can choose between the Warrior, a fearsome knight; the Archer, an enigmatic songbird; the Rogue, a solitary assassin; the Guardian, a warden of nature; and the Sorceress, a master of ice and fire spells. EOS deliberately has no Healer class in order to facilitate group matching between players and to ensure fast-paced combat. To replace this traditional role, the players will need to work efficiently together and devise unique combat strategies for party play.

Each class features two different specializations with specific skill paths that will dramatically alter their role in party combat. MMO players who want to take on the Nuker role can choose the Firemage Sorceress, whose mastery of fire allows her to inflict maximum damage, whereas players who prefer a support role can play as an Archer with the Bard specialization, supporting allies or weakening enemies with her melodic tunes. The variety of classes and specializations changes the core gameplay and the player's role within their party, ensuring that everyone can play in the style they prefer.

Allowing players to customize their class and play how they like is a critical component that sets Echo of Soul apart in the MMO genre, gamers will be able to adapt their character to the playstyle they like best, and each party will need to strategically balance these specializations to fill the 'traditional' MMO healer role - something unique to Echo of Soul.


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