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Asda 2 Evolution
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Asda 2 is a Fantasy Free to Play Anime style Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG].

Following the storyline of its predecessor, Asda 2 begins with an uneasy alliance between two of the Factions ("Light" and "Dark”). With limitless customization and variety, Asda 2 gives players the opportunity to choose between eight classes to match their playing style with hundreds of skills and dozens of job classes to progress through. Multiple PvP modes and battlefields that allow players to take control of entire maps round out the hard-core PvP action.

The classic Soulmate partnership system makes its return in Asda 2, alongside new popular features such as the avatar system, with hundreds of costumes and accessories to mix and match, and the pet system, with dozens of pets to collect, level up, and evolve. No MMORPG is complete without quests to keep you advancing! Complete hundreds of general quests by yourself or with friends! If you run out at any point, grab some repeatable suppression and dungeon quests to keep the experience and money flowing in! General quests and repeatable quests are available for all levels.

With over 90,000 hair and face combinations, you don’t have to be a clone! Choose between 33 hairstyles with 24 colors each to make your character beautiful! 19 face styles with 6 eye colors each are also available, sporting various looks from cute or seductive, to serious or spaced out! Create your own personality within your character.

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