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Atlantica Online 2015
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Atlantica Online is a classic, Free to Play Role-Playing TBS [Turn Based Strategy] MMO Game [MMORPG].

Atlantica is a turn-based MMORPG and an epic story about the civilization of Atlantis and the magical ore Oriharukon. This artificial alloy, already mentioned by Plato in his report about Atlantis, is imprisoning the semi-fictional world of Atlantica and resurrecting the dark myths, monsters and legends from the past. Based on this story, all of Atlantis contains real-world historical events and characters that are mixed with unique situations, offering exclusive experiences to the player. Last but not least, the fresh turn-based fighting system provides an innovative experience that combines strategic planning with exciting action.

The characters in Atlantica are diverse. You can recruit cheeky witches, literate monks, mighty warriors, quick archers, powerful canoneers, skilled spearmen, and many more. Each character uses a certain weapon type: - Sword, Spear, Axe, Power Saw, Bow, Gun, Cannon, Instrument, Whip, or Staff. Every weapon has a different base range to hit enemies, but the individual skills have their own target areas/ranges.

Normal battle in Atlantica is a turn-based, time limited fight against 1 – 3 groups of enemies in a 3x3 grid. In each round, you have up to 5 moves, depending on how fast your characters are. You have a time limit ranging from 15 – 30 seconds to complete your move, after which is the enemy's turn. Normally, each fight takes around 1 – 3 minutes. Each mercenary wields a certain weapon type, all with different ranges, so an archer can deal high damage on single enemies while an axe wielder can attack three foes at a time. Also, each mercenary has certain skills he can learn with different ranges and effects. Combining certain enemies make skills more or less effective.

The tactical battle system works like the regular battle system in rounds, but it's not limited to a 3x3 grid. You have a bigger map with a grid, but free movement. This means you can attack your enemy from behind and have more tactical possibilities. Skills and attacks are balanced differently for this type of fight. Each group can contain up to 9 characters, as in the regular battle, and a fight does not take much more time. There are also missions that take 30 – 60 minutes with a special scenario. The maps are bigger and enemies are spread over the map or spawn until you finish the mission. This content starts from level 20.

In Atlantica, you have the possibility to compare yourself with other players by joining the regular PvP Leagues and Tournaments. For fairer conditions, depending on the mode the equipment effects may be temporarily reduced before the battle starts. You can also participate in advance modes, like Battle Field, Spell Tower, and Guild Wars.

Atlantica, unlike any other game, offers you an array of different events, offering players many rewards. Depending on the event, you can participate in different ways, such as: attending during the event time, playing mini games and quizzes, joining the slaughter in a murderous circus, or hiring the crazy Harlequin. Among the prizes, you may find legendary equipment, mounts, decorations, clothes, mercenaries, and mercenary items.

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