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Metal Slug Defense
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Metal Slug Defense is a 2D side-scroller Free to Play, Tower Defense Strategy Game.

Metal Slug Defense - send your units to the battlefield and take over enemy bases or active unique special attacks to turn the tide in battle with a simple tap of your finger. Having trouble? Customize your units in order to increase your chances to win the war and change or save your units at any time via the easy and intuitive touch commands.

Metal Slug Defense gameplay is a familiar take on casual real-time strategy games. An energy meter, here called AP, rises steadily during each round of combat. You can summon basic soldiers, along with heroes and villains to march automatically to the right side of the screen, where your enemy’s base is waiting. If you pick the right combination of soldiers and time your attacks with precision, you’ll be able to blow up the enemy’s base and move on to the next round, the game even have a PVP [Player versus Player] mode for who like the real human competition.

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