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Rustbucket Rumble
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Rustbucket Rumble is a 2D Free to Play [F2P] side-scrolling, Multiplayer Shooters Game - it’s capture-the-flag where the players are the flags.

Rustbucket Rumble finally answers the age-old question of what it would be like if robots ruled the world: a fast-paced, game of “capture the robot”! Rustbucket Rumble starts not too long after life on earth as we know it ends and the robots that once dutifully served their competing corporations, Robotic Engineering Depot and Blucom, are bored. Eager to establish dominance over the complete rust-bucket that earth has become, their epic robot battle ensues.

In Rustbucket Rumble, players must choose from one of six robots with varying abilities and weaponry, and join the RED Team or the BLUE Team in a three-on-three, arena combat game like no other. Combining classic run-and-gun gameplay with more modern, class-based, multiplayer shooter gameplay, robots chase, fight, and stun their opponents, ultimately capturing them in order to carry them back to base. Once a team has collected enough scraps, they can create the mighty giant robot, El Rey Gigante Robo Jr., and unleash him to destroy the enemy base and win.

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