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Truck Nation
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Truck Nation is a BB [Browser Based] Free to Play [F2P] Transport-Truck Strategy simulator MMO Game.

With Truck Nation you can dive right into the trucking experience and cruise the highways in gigantic trucks together with thousands of fellow players – both in the browser and also on mobile Android and iOS devices. In addition to the transport of goods there is a critical strategic component – that’s because only the trucker who has control in the cities and industries, arising from deliveries, donations and investments, wins at the end of the game.

You start off as a seasoned trucker who has been exploited for years while working crazy hours and who has now been sacked. This did however give you the strength to start your own trucking company. With a little luck, you have been able to get hold of a cheap building and three rusty trucks and now have to stand against your old employer “The Corporation” and other trucking companies in a contested market. You as the boss, and two of your old friends as drivers. Of course you also sit behind the wheel, because you need money fast as you have foolishly made your initial investment on credit. And that needs to be paid back soon…

Truck Nation is played on a realistic map with local sights and landmarks. Cities, industries and roads accurately reflect reality – the same unfortunately also applies to traffic jams, necessitating the occasional detour. Moreover, the police make your life difficult with their speed cameras and transport inspections. In addition to over 60 standard products, special goods such as waste and cement, illegal goods and even people can also be transported. Another highlight is the heavy transport of particularly bulky goods, e.g. construction parts for wind farms, statues of politicians or aircraft.

All in all a round in Truck Nation lasts for 12 weeks and if you want to win, you will need to control large parts of the map despite all the resistance you will face. Investments, bribes, damaging your rivals and road improvements will help you gain control of cities and industries.

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