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Shikihime Zoushi
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Shikihime Zoushi is a Browser Based, Free to Play Strategy MMO Game with RPG [Role Playing Game] elements.

The fight against dark powers: in Shikihime Zoushi, the player delves into the grand world of ancient Japan. In this browser-based strategy game with RPG elements, the player takes on the role of an Onmyoji - a master of Yin & Yang - to control a very special unit: the Shikihime! Magical incantations in the guise of charming anime girls are waiting to be trained for fighting. The individual combination of the companions is only one of the tactics to secure one’s empire in the golden Heian age. Forming alliances will take players another step closer to the pinnacle of power.

Strategic skills are asked here! The more regions the Shikihime conquer, the bigger the player’s influence and income. Additionally, special tasks can be solved in Submission Mode, and raising the character levels enables taking part in expeditions as well as colonial warfare.

There are over 90 different, enchanting Shikihime to discover. By summoning new Shikihime in a ceremony and combining the mightiest of them with each other, even stronger companions can be created. Every player should become part of this wonderful adventure!

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