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UnderMaster is a Free to Play, Browser Based Dungeon manager RPG MMO Game where little earth imps, goblins and trolls inhabit the dark world.

As Undermasters , players build a dungeon deep under the earth’s surface. With various rooms such as dorms and workshops, players attract all sorts of monsters. These continuously expand the dungeon, so that the dungeon can span many levels into the depths. Players that enjoy battle can hire mercenary monsters and attack the humans of the world above with their help. There is valuable loot, gold and experience to be had. Voodoo doctors can heal wounded mercenaries and the trolls can craft stronger weapons and protective armor for them in their smithy.

Battle-weary monsters can take a break from the war against humankind and instead go adventuring. They will return from their mysterious destinations with gold and experience points. Dungeon masters can use these adventures to compete amongst themselves - the bravest adventurers will be able to ornament their dungeons and demonstrate their might with opulent statues. But there’s no time to rest, because the next adventures in Undermaster are already waiting!

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