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Tidal Trek
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Tidal Trek is a Free to Play, Browser Based RPG MMO Sea Fighting Game featuring Navy fleet Turn Based battles.

Colorful visual palette and unusual pirate setting mark Tidal Trek as a bright spot on web-based MMORPG landscape. By recruiting captains, building new ships and leading his or her fleet to glory, a player can pursue the goals of either of two game factions.

Instance System: You will never know what’s waiting for you ahead. Boat Manufacture: Manufacturing boats require enough materials. With good luck, you may get super boat with great attributes. Legion War: Protect your legion boss boat or destroy enemies’ boss boat. All users that join in Legion War will receive big bonus.. Pet: Accompany users, learn skills and also join the battle. Bring benefits for users, especially in Arena.


0 #1 CalmClaw 2015-11-17 10:49
Great game, events all day, never gets boring. Your development depends a lot on communication.

Register to fresh server for best game experience, even if it doesnt check your timezone.

Contains lots of bugs, but doesnt effect game experience. Developers are fixing bugs continously, however communication is non existent between mortal users and developers. Bug abusers usually gets permabaned.

Paying features are kind of balanced (however can help take the edge).

I can reccomend this game for
rpg-, builder-, ship-, clan games-

Addictive, lots of features.

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