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Wrath of Athena
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Wrath of Athena is a Free to Play Browser Based Role Playing MMO Game [MMORPG] set in ancient Greece.

Wrath of Athena set in ancient Greece, where the heroes of mythology and mankind co-exist with one another. When the evil forces of hell arise onto Earth, terror and suffering overwhelms the citizens of Athens. Only you, the hero, can save the world minions of Hades. Start your epic journey from Athens to the Underworld to save Athens, the world, and yourself from the grasps of the evil forces.

Four powerful classes awaits you in your journey. Choose from the Warrior, Gladiator, Hunter, and Priest to fulfill your destiny.Born in a furious volcano, the Warrior manipulates fire and wields a great sword of justice. Protected by the sun God Apollo, the Warrior fights with bravery and crushes all enemies with no mercy.Born in the northern highlands, the Gladiator's mighty strength has no match. He wields a gigantic hammer with unstoppable force. Blessed by earth Goddess Gaia, he cannot be stopped by evil.Born in the dark forests, the Hunter's mystical magic and power infused arrows deal massive damage. Her reigning protector Goddess of Hunt Artemis drastically increase her fighting power. Born in the holy temples of Athens, the Priest's divine abilities cleanses evil and protects allies. With the protection of Athena the Goddess of wisdom, she finds all cures and embraces holy powers.

Explore all the famous land marks of Greek mythology, from Mount Olympus to the Styx in the Underworld. Endless dungeons awaits your arrival, with unbound treasures waiting for the heroes to loot.

Unlock the secrets of the world and be rewarded with legendary grade weapons and items. The new follower system allow players to recruit powerful side-kicks and deploy them tactically to maximize efficiency.

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