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GodsWar Online
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GodsWar Online is a fantasy Role Playing Game based on Greek Mythology.

In ancient Greece, Gods, human beings, demigods and monsters share the same world. In GodsWar Online, players can visit famous scenic spots such as the solemn temples, legendary Greek cities and the realms of the Gods. What's more, players have a chance to meet Heroes such as Hercules, Theseus, Jason and other Gods and Demigods. In addition, players can challenge Medusa and other monsters.

GodsWar Online offers players four classes including Warrior, Champion, Priest and Mage. GodsWar Online has a pet system, and an interesting afk botting program built-in that allows gamers to set their characters to grind without player input.

GodsWar Online is easy to play and rich in content, the level of involvement is entirely up to the players, though we do a lot to encourage their participation.

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