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Seafight is a Free to Play, Browser Based Pirate MMO Action Game.

Seafight lets you put your own touches on your floating fortress. Not only can you outfit your ship with features and equipment tailored to your swashbuckling battle style, but you can also sail the Seafight seas in an aesthetic style all of your own choosing. Choose from a host of various decks, cannons, harpoons, defenses, sails, seamen or voodoo. But it’s not all bare basics in Seafight. You can shroud your ship to sail the seas in style. Blend in with the lie of the land, announce your presence from the distance by trekking across the waters in a flamboyant plumage of gaudy colors or anything and everything in between.

The Seafight seas are a storied set of treacherous waterways that go way beyond the man-made confines of your standard browser game. Engage in massive sea skirmishes by joining a group of like-minded, and similarly skilled, players to dispatch of slimy sea beasts that’d otherwise be too strong to overcome. But ungodly abominations aren’t the only dangers lurking about the ocean in Seafight. Nay, the most perilous of foes you can face is a group of hostile enemy pirates sailing along in a redoubtable guild. But aye, just because you’re at sea don’t mean you can’t fight fire with fire! Join a guild and show your bands of enemies that if they don’t join you, they’ll get a first-hand look at the briny deep. Raise your guild flag on all sorts of Seafight maps, earn gold, honor and respect and create a reputation that’ll leave your foes trembling with fear.

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