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TDP5 Arena
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TDP5 Arena is a 3D Free-to-play side scrolling Shooter MMO Game featuring fast-paced PVP [player versus player] matches.

TDP5 Arena is a fast-paced game with a full range of features, the game give you the posibility to choose between a few different characters when starting. The character you choose can be further customized once the game starts. Your character has talents that are spread across three different skill trees. You can choose to focus on recon, infantry or assault skills. The two dimensional [first person and side scroling perspective] gameplay means that you must utilize all parts of the map to achieve victory.

The game uses a lobby system to generate matches between different players. Gameplay involves player-versus-player matches. TDP5 Arena includes a good number of different maps that all have specific themes. There are a few different gameplay modes, the two most popular are death match and team death match. Silver is the in-game currency in TDP5 Arena. You earn it by completing matches or receiving daily bonuses for logging in. You can also buy a premium currency to purchase advanced weapons and upgrades.

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