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Spellheart is a Free to play, MOBA [Multiplayer online battle arena] Game featuring no-pay-to-win policy.

Spellheart is based upon an idea that have never seen before, most RPG games are static, limiting your build options and forcing you to min/max. In this game, there is no best build because there are no classes. You create your own build without limitations or restrictions. With a customizable server that anyone can host, gameplay can be balanced in real time.

Skill Based: There is no chance involved in the game. If you attack someone, you will hit. Critical strike, dodge or block chances that usually exist will never be a part of this game. This is what should be called a pure skill based game.

No unfair advantages: Experience is added as time goes by. Thus, every player has the same amount of experience no matter of his stats. Kill stealing is thus not an issue. The game will never be pay-to-win. Items with different appearances could instead be a valid option for purchase in the future. No boring waiting times If you die, your waiting time will depend on the distance to your spawn. You rarely have to wait more than 3 seconds. If you are close to your spawn, you will have to wait longer.

Extremely Customizable Server: A server can be hosted by anyone. Any item, ability or setting can easily be altered by changing values in a text file. This works in real time. If a player wishes to host a server that makes the character move at double speed, and that the only ability available is the Fire Ball and that it kills in one hit, that can easily be done with this system. This also allows the server creator to "fix" imbalance.

Be In The Game: The ingame GUI is minimal to keep the player emerged. You rarely have to look at the GUI whatsoever. The player health is always displayed right above the player in the 3D world.

Limited ganking: Friendly fire is always on. This limits ganking. If two players attack one enemy, they have to avoid hitting each other.

Tactical: Tactics are crucial. You have to consider team mates, enemies, strategy, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

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