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Dragon Nest Oracle

Dragon Nest Oracle

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 11:52 mmoraw
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Dragon Nest Oracle is a Free to play, Action MMO Game with RPG [Role Playing Game] elements and features a no target battle system.

Dragon Nest Oracle uses a no target battle system and a PvP (Player versus Player) mode available at level 10. The battle system is based almost exclusively on skills. Keep a steady hand and know your character like the back of your hand. The fight in Dragon Nest requires dexterity and finesse on the battlefield. Most of the skills require you to aim your target and can also be avoided.

Dragon Nest has 7 character classes that benefit from special skills, each with its own history and its own culture, you can write your own saga ... The player is free to choose the skills he wants to master or improve.

The dungeons are playable in 5 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, Master and Abyss . The experience gained, the number and rarity of these objects and the number and difficulty of the monsters change depending on the difficulty. Dungeons, new maps and villages become accessible as you go.


Dragon Nest has 7 starting character classes. Each of these classes can evolve in different ways at level 15 and 45 depending on the choice of the player who chooses the skills he wants to master and improve.

Warrior : - As a Warrior you will battle foes in fast-paced close-ranged melee combat. Quick and agile, you will rely on melee combos to triumph over your foes.

Archer: - As an Archer, you excel at long-ranged combat, taking out foes using a bow and arrows and using your speed and agility to avoid being hit in return.

Cleric: - The Cleric is a tough, armored fighter with the ability to both heal and buff friends. He does less damage than most other classes, but his support abilities more than make up for it, making the Cleric a welcome friend in any party.

Sorceress : - The Sorceress specializes in medium-range attacks. While they can’t do as much damage as the Archer, their greatest strength is their ability to inflict various status ailments on enemies. They can freeze them, set them on fire, poison them, or do all sorts of other damage that can kill a lot of monsters over time. They can also equip a variety of off-hand items that allow them to cause different secondary effects.

Tinkerer : - The Tinkerer uses the power of science to control her enemies, summon robots, and provide healing support for her friends.

Kali : - The Kali combines fast and fluid melee combat with dark magic that cripples her enemies and bolsters her allies. Her relentless strikes and debilitating de-buffs weaken foes and leave them open to attack.

Assassin : - The Assassin is a physical male class, featuring various mechanics such as stealth, chakra control, and cool time charging (CTC).

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